Sunday, August 29, 2010

Profs Continued!

Hey guys how's it going! I've been chewing away at my profs and I must say I am leveling very fast! I have maxed out my skinning and have about 330 Leatherworking. At this point I am just farming outland beasts for the type of leather I need to advance to 350 (Most of the leather is either not on the auction house or WAY too expensive to even think about buying). So I just farm my own leather in Nagrand, mostly talbuks, and save myself a few gold :) I also continue to queue as dps for extra badges while I level my leatherworking. I will post my gear either by the end of the day or you can just armory me :) I have provided a link for your convenience!  =====>'Thuzad&cn=Sgibb

There has been a lot of upgrades in the past week! I got the 40 heroism badge trinket, Sundial of the Exiled. Which is perfect for boomkin because of the static 84 crit and SP proc. I also got 4/5 T9 and am using T10 resto gloves that I won in VoA 10. I know they are not for balance but the stats are so much better than my T9 ones that i will use them until I get something better. I will be doing Icecrown Citadel 10 on friday of this week and homefully heroic Muradin's Spyglass with drop because if it does it's mine! That's about it for todays update! Thanks for reading!


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