Thursday, September 2, 2010

Updates! =)

Hey friends! I have a few updates on my druid. My skinning is 450 and my leatherworking is at 405! I don't think I'll max out Leatherworking because all I wanted it for was the SP bracer enchants, which I can make at 400. I did my guilds 25 ICC this week and got my friendly rep ring from the Ashen Verdict. I also got enough frost badges to purchase the 251 boomkin shoulders and won the ring from princes from the picture above. As you can see, my second trinket is still completely awful, I'm looking to get Heroic Muradin's Spyglass from my guilds 10 man this friday. Hope it drops! That's pretty much it for this weeks update. If anything else happens I'll be sure to keep you on top of things. Thanks for reading =)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Profs Continued!

Hey guys how's it going! I've been chewing away at my profs and I must say I am leveling very fast! I have maxed out my skinning and have about 330 Leatherworking. At this point I am just farming outland beasts for the type of leather I need to advance to 350 (Most of the leather is either not on the auction house or WAY too expensive to even think about buying). So I just farm my own leather in Nagrand, mostly talbuks, and save myself a few gold :) I also continue to queue as dps for extra badges while I level my leatherworking. I will post my gear either by the end of the day or you can just armory me :) I have provided a link for your convenience!  =====>'Thuzad&cn=Sgibb

There has been a lot of upgrades in the past week! I got the 40 heroism badge trinket, Sundial of the Exiled. Which is perfect for boomkin because of the static 84 crit and SP proc. I also got 4/5 T9 and am using T10 resto gloves that I won in VoA 10. I know they are not for balance but the stats are so much better than my T9 ones that i will use them until I get something better. I will be doing Icecrown Citadel 10 on friday of this week and homefully heroic Muradin's Spyglass with drop because if it does it's mine! That's about it for todays update! Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

450 Profs inc

Im currently leveling my professions! I went with Leatherworking/Skinning because they are really easy to level together and i just level them in between dungeon queue's! It's a great way to keep getting gear and staying up to date on my professions! I will be updating my progress when soon!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The Path to Gear

I've had so many level 80's that gearing up just isn't even hard anymore. Ever since the random dungeon finder has been implemented getting gear has been CAKE. My main spec is Balance with an off spec of resto. PRO TIP: Balance and Resto essentially use the same stats, spell power, spirit, crit, haste, stuff like that. All i do is queue as Resto in my boom gear and just heal dungeons for fast queues. I usually get a queue within a couple minutes. I dinged 80 a few days ago and already have 4/5 T9 (you can armory me if you want to watch my gear improve... :) I just focus on upgrading my worst items first, this allows me to get into raids, while this low on gear i only focus on getting into raids like ToC 10/25 and VoA 10/25. Since raid leaders only look at gear score now :( I like to upgrade to gear from stuff that has really low gear scores. My next goal is to get badge trinkets and get up to about 5k GS. This should easily be accomplished within the next week or so.


Hello everyone! This is my first post and I hope you guys like it! I made this blog to talk about World of Warcraft, my characters in particular. I play a Tauren Druid on the US realm Kel' Thuzad. I have many other characters, including an 80 mage, priest, paladin, death knight, and hunter. But my druid is the character i have decided to dedicate all of my time to in WoW and continue with into Cataclysm in a few months!

I think right now would be a good time to go through my previous experience in WoW...such as when I started playing and things like that! I first rolled on Kel' Thuzad about two years ago, in 2008 when The Burning Crusade was still in affect. I played a hunter to about level 52 and lost interest when I bought the xpac and leveled a paladin to 80! I raided as ret through nax and ulduar while leveling my mage. I don't want to bore you with all my leveling details and experiences, long story short I have a 80 mage and druid on Kel 'Thuzad, and a 80 Death Knight on Agamaggan, while my Pally is on Illidan and Hunter is on Bleeding Hollow. You're probably wondering why my characters are all spaced out...well here's the answer! I have a good group of friends that play on Kel Thuzad, Agamaggan, and Bleeding Hollow so i can get to play with all of them! (The new Battle.Net ingame chat system in 3.3.5 has been great to talk cross server!)  Well thats pretty much it! I plan to play through the next expansion and write about anything I find wierd, interesting, or just all around fun! Hope you guys stay with me throughout my experiences. Till next time, Sgibb.