Thursday, September 2, 2010

Updates! =)

Hey friends! I have a few updates on my druid. My skinning is 450 and my leatherworking is at 405! I don't think I'll max out Leatherworking because all I wanted it for was the SP bracer enchants, which I can make at 400. I did my guilds 25 ICC this week and got my friendly rep ring from the Ashen Verdict. I also got enough frost badges to purchase the 251 boomkin shoulders and won the ring from princes from the picture above. As you can see, my second trinket is still completely awful, I'm looking to get Heroic Muradin's Spyglass from my guilds 10 man this friday. Hope it drops! That's pretty much it for this weeks update. If anything else happens I'll be sure to keep you on top of things. Thanks for reading =)


  1. Nice man, I haven't played WoW in so long making me want to play again

  2. Pretty sweet. I play a rogue.

    Name is Xenochrist on Hyjal


  3. i miss my 60 hunter

    wanna learn some real skillz follo my blog

  4. Leatherworking is a pain in the ass after 400. Nice gold though...

  5. Nice. Keep writing.

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  6. i used to play back in the day, got out right before the first expansion

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