Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Path to Gear

I've had so many level 80's that gearing up just isn't even hard anymore. Ever since the random dungeon finder has been implemented getting gear has been CAKE. My main spec is Balance with an off spec of resto. PRO TIP: Balance and Resto essentially use the same stats, spell power, spirit, crit, haste, stuff like that. All i do is queue as Resto in my boom gear and just heal dungeons for fast queues. I usually get a queue within a couple minutes. I dinged 80 a few days ago and already have 4/5 T9 (you can armory me if you want to watch my gear improve... :) I just focus on upgrading my worst items first, this allows me to get into raids, while this low on gear i only focus on getting into raids like ToC 10/25 and VoA 10/25. Since raid leaders only look at gear score now :( I like to upgrade to gear from stuff that has really low gear scores. My next goal is to get badge trinkets and get up to about 5k GS. This should easily be accomplished within the next week or so.

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